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I love The Pixies; I love Kim Deal, and the Breeders were awesome, too. I know she and Black Francis didn’t get along, and that led to the breakup of the band before they ever really hit it big.

But they seemed to bury the hatchet and even reunited for tours in the early 2000s, and continue to tour today. That’s why I was shocked to see this picture of the band in an ad for the legendary band’s appearance in Toronto. No Kim Deal? What the hell? Is Frank Black on another of his ego trips? Like The Rolling Stones without Keith Richards, is it even The Pixies without Kim Deal?

What’s that? Really? Shit, I’m so embarrassed.

“Hello, Toronto, look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.

“Sadly, he isn’t the Mayor, but if he stopped riding his bike to work and switched to Old Spice, he could smell like he’s me.

“Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a downtown road with not a single streetcar or bus in sight. The war on the car is over, remember? You’re welcome!

“What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a new football stadium with two tickets to the SuperBowl that I brought to Toronto, because every world class city–at least in North America–has an NFL team. And I’m the coach and the linebacker who just sacked that pretty boy Tom Brady!

“Look, I know you just wanted a balanced budget and lower taxes but I was elected on a mandate to destroy years of public transit planning and bring an NFL team to Toronto! OK, maybe you weren’t around when I talked about that stuff, but I definitely discussed it with my election team over beer and pizza… we got so wasted! Anyway, I swear we can do all of this without raising taxes or cutting services that I care about… we went over the math and it all works perfectly! Of course, Dougy and I were pretty high that night…

“Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Are you happy now? God, I can’t believe how ungrateful you are, after everything I’ve done for you… Grapes was right, you damn lefty pinkos.

“Anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a sweaty fat man, which is what you’re all thinking, isn’t it? That I smell bad? C’mon, I’m on a horse. Blame the horse, man!”

This ad is not approved by Rob Ford.



Really, I don’t really understand why so many guys go completely nuts over Natalie Portman. Someone I know thought that it was because she might seem attainable to regular guys because she’s pretty but not gorgeous.  But I know lots of guys who will swear up and down that she’s totally hot.  I don’t see it. Look, I’m not saying I wouldn’t be happy to be dating someone who looked like Natalie, but as Kevin from The Office said, “It’s not ‘would I do her?’ it’s ‘Is she hot?’–respect the game!”

You loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! You thrilled to Android Karenina! You were confused by Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters! You didn’t think this trend would die quickly, did you? Coming soon, look for these new desperate attempts to make great books relevant to people who barely have the attention span required to watch a complete episode of How I Met Your Mother!

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