Pixie GeldofA short checklist of the properties of Pixie Girls:

-Short, tousled brown or black hair (rarely blonde)

-Larger than average eyes (brown or hazel are most common)

-Arched eyebrows

-Small, pouty mouth

-Button nose

-Pale skin, perhaps freckles

-Short, but well-proportioned

-Small hands

-Quirky fashion sense

Short, but well-proportioned, almost always thin
Almost always brown or black hair–short, tousled and off the neck works best
Arched eyebrows
Larger than average eyes, especially the coloured portion (brown and hazel are best)
Small, pouty mouth
Wear hats very well, especially knit caps
Small, adorable ears
Button nose
Pale skin, perhaps freckles (but just around the nose)
Small hands
Little if any makeup, nail polish, etc. and nails are not long

KesI can’t picture any thirty year-old Pixies.  Maybe they transform into an entirely different state of being, much like the Ocampa from Star Trek: Voyager, upon reaching a certain age.  Maybe they simply leave this tedious realm of ours, never to return, because they’re just too adorable for this world.  Do age and the normal vicissitudes that the flesh is prone to hit them like a ton of bricks, and all traces of their former super-cuteness vanish?  I honestly cannot think of one aged Pixie (alright, Audrey Hepburn), and now that I’ve put my finger on this enigma, I’m going to start paying special attention to the Pixies around me.  Can they be spotted when they’re young, before they become Pixies at the crucial 15-20 window?  Can they remain Pixies after college, or when they leave Soundscapes to find a grown-up job?  Do they retain any hints of Pixie-ness past their 20s,  into marriage or even old age?  Is true Pixie-ness predominantly a factor of age and less about looks, intelligence and attitude than one might have expected?