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The latest buzz around Ottawa:

“Congratulations to the new leader of the NDP. You know who else has a beard? Castro. Just sayin’…”

“Did you think we meant that the F-35s would cost nine billion dollars? No, no, no… we were always talking in terms of pounds… they’re going to cost nine billion pounds! It’s standard accounting procedure.”

“The Royal Canadian Oil Sands are a proud part of the Canadian tradition of self-sufficiency, determination, and ingenuity. Canadian.”

“Rob Ford? I’ve never met the man, let alone went on a secluded fishing trip with him.”

“The Prime Minister has paid the full ticket price for each hockey game he’s attended while in office. Wink!”

“C’mon, you didn’t really think you’d be able to retire at 65 anyway, did you? With all the money we’re gonna spend on fighter jets? Tell you what, we’ve got plenty of new jobs as prison guards right around the corner… how’d you like that?”

NOT Terri "Cup Cake" O'Mason!

This is just a fantastic record, and a snapshot of a world before the Internet, before DVDs, before videotape, even before X-rated movie houses in the 70s. It’s sly, from the amateurish photo of an awkwardly-positioned naked woman sprawled out on the kind of carpet I haven’t seen in forever, to the admonition “Songs for Adults Only” on the cover, to the use of not only the word “sexation” but also “sexcitement” in describing Ms. O’Mason. This was a record that was no doubt sold under the counter and hidden from the wife–not to mention the children!–at home. But it’s charming that what’s on offer here was once considered so scandalous (“Her material is original… considered the most tantalizing, daringly naughty double-entendre humor ever written.”), because now the whole endeavour is rather quaint and fun, rather than sexy and provocative.

When we think of stag parties we might imagine strippers or blue movies, but this record is neither. “In nightclubs, critics have gone wild for the O’Mason ditties, but her torrid tales of fun and frolic on record brings a brand of excitement that goes a good cut beyond the entertainment of the sophisticated bistro.” Her songs are surprisingly clever, and while they centre on sex, they’re more accurately playful comments on social mores. Songs like “Cup Cakes” (“He liked to nibble on my cup cakes”) and “My First Piece” appear alongside more cautionary tales such as “Hangover Blues” and “I’m Late” (“… and it’s not my rent that’s overdue!”). In a repressed time like the 50s, this was hot stuff!

Other records available from Fax Records are advertised on the back, including The Erotic Delights of Lady CBawdy BalladsNights of Love in LesbosThe Uncensored Humor of Bert Henry, and (not to be outdone), Position is Everything with Bert Henry.

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