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Peter Hoeg wrote that “If man becomes totally isolated, then he ceases to exist. So it is not fundamentally possible to be alone. Fundamentally, man has to be with other people. If man becomes totally, totally alone, then he is lost.”

I’m still here, Peter.

So far.


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  • Ford's Employee Pricing promotion just tells me that they don't give their employees good discounts 2 weeks ago
  • Spent a good portion of my commute this morning trying to recall the term "water sports" 2 weeks ago
  • I for one welcome our new Autumn weather in August overlords. 3 weeks ago
  • For outdated and irrelevant humour about subjects only I care about, is the #1 destination! 4 weeks ago
  • I'm the 46-year old guy who snickers at "shaft" and "balls." It's kinda my thing. 1 month ago

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