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The Shepherd

The Shepherd

The Sheep

The Sheep

The Don

The Don









This is the story of a humble sheep herder from New Zealand who finds success–and love!–at Oxford’s Department of Mathematics. A misunderstanding brings confusion and hilarity to the staid settings of academia when he brings his favourite ewe to the Fields Prize award ceremony.

With Hugh Grant as the shepherd, Dolly the Cloned Sheep as All the Sheep, and Malcolm McDowell as the crusty Dean of Mathematics who has a secret of his own!

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Highland Cattle chowing down

Jealous of that hair...

Name that baby capybara!

The World's Largest Rodents

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  • Can we get a Royal Commission on why there are so few karaoke versions of Canadian songs? #Canada150 4 days ago
  • I either dessicate or drown plants, there is no in-between. 1 week ago
  • Facebook but for people who can actually keep a discussion going for more than 1/2 day 2 weeks ago
  • iPhone tried to autocorrect "SkyDome" to "Rogers Centre" and I was like hells no! 2 weeks ago
  • Not being funny has never stopped Kathy Griffin from being a famous comedian, but *now* she's gone too far?! 3 weeks ago

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