horse-or-what-optical-illusionI love the first moments of perception in between seeing or hearing something and comprehending its true nature.  It’s the time when faces can appear in wallpaper, writing can seem like a random jumble of lines, and “They like the punk and the metal bands” can sound like “They like to fuck in their little beds”.  These are times to embrace, times that open a window to an earlier time in human history when the world was more mysterious, and we didn’t instantly understand everything.  I like to think of these as small moments when a little part of the world is unformed, the perceptual equivalent of quantum theory, the instant when a particle hasn’t yet reached its settled state.  Once we focus and determine the true nature of what we’re perceiving, it’s difficult to see that initial misapprehension again, and it feels like a little something has been lost, an innocence or uncertainty that is all too rare in our rational, materialistic world.  That first glance is like the Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, when all possibilities remain open, and it’s a little sad when the infinite possibilities disappear, and our brains settle on the single perception that it will then hold tight to.  The mind becomes rigid, less open to chaos, and the world becomes just a tiny bit smaller.