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Ahh, yeah.

“I was told there’d be more hair-pulling.”

“I haven’t seen a woman kick balls that hard since that time Carrie found out Steve was cheating on her.”

“This is for that foul in the last game!”

“This is for Pearl Harbor!!”

“This is for the boyfriend you stole!!!”

“World Cup, huh? More like “A” Cup, maybe a few “B”s…”

“I thought this was going to be lingerie football…”

“There’s no crying in football!”

“What do you mean ‘if there’s grass on the field, play ball?’ Of course there’s grass on the field!”

“I hear the North Koreans are smuggling weapons of mass destruction in their shinguards.”

“I haven’t seen so many pony-tailed athletes since the Men’s World Cup.”

“Heh-heh. ‘Heads the ball’… heh-heh.”

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