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from Our Canada June/July 2012

Our Canada is a nice family-friendly magazine that takes a light-hearted look at my country, its people, and the things that make us proud to be Canadians. Articles focus on our beautiful landscapes, vacation destinations, history, and culture. Readers submit stories, pictures, and questions. It’s a pleasure to read this magazine; it’s relentlessly positive, even moreso than Reader’s Digest, and is a nice antidote from a world that can sometimes be overwhelmingly bleak.

The regular feature, What Is It?, shows an odd item and invites readers to guess its function. It’s interesting to see old consumer items whose purpose has become obscured as times and technology move on.

But this. This is why I’m not cut out for a light-hearted, family-friendly milieu. Because my first reaction is not printable in such a fine, wholesome publication. Nor is my second guess–it would take too much explaining, about topics and ideas that are better left unacknowledged in Our Canada. Even, perhaps, in our Canada.

I will not be submitting my guesses to Our Canada. I will not even mention having seen this item. I will forget its existence and never mention it again, and the world will continue to have Our Canada as a safe haven from my dirty mind, cynicism and crassness. You’re welcome.

I will continue, however, to be a reader. Big fan. Keep up the great work!

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