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Megan FoxIn his recent blow by blow account of the career of one of Hollywood’s hottest up and comers, BJ Rimmer, writing in Cinema Fantasy, had nothing but praise for Megan Fox, star of Jennifer’s Body, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this week.  “She is a total pro,” Rimmer gushes, adding that “In shooting the scene where she breasts the burial mounds in the Egyptian desert, which is a totally hard climb, the DP told me that she never once moaned or complained, although she must have been soaking wet and dripping from the heat.” Her Transformers co-star Shia LaBeouf agrees that as an actress, she comes on top of anyone he’s ever worked with.  “Even when the director is being anal about where to stick her in the scene, she just swallows her pride and enjoys the ride,” he says, adding that Fox is very humble, often dropping to her knees in thanks that she’s able to do what she loves.  What’s next for Fox?  Sources say she’s considering tag-teaming with Twilight star Kristen Stewart on a project that would see them playing private dicks in 1940s Los Angeles, and is rumoured to be doing a guest spot in The Vagina Monologues.  “I don’t see the popularity of Megan Fox going down,” Rimmer says, “and just wait until her next role, a Western in which she plays a kind of reverse cowgirl, a city girl who finds herself backed into situations where she has to lick all the macho men around her.  It’s going to be amazing!”

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