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It’s been ten long years since Shania Twain dazzled us with her last pop-country masterpiece, Up!, leaving the world wondering, what’s next for the pride of Timmins, Ontario? In the years since retiring from making million-selling album after album and dedicating her life to her family, Shania has gone through a lot of changes, the most surprising of which was her conversion to Islam in 2009. Her new spirituality found its way into her music, but fans will be happy to know that her trademark sexiness and sense of fun remain, even if she’s changed her name, and her entire outlook on life. On this new self-titled album, Sharia Twain, you’ll find all of these great, toe-tapping songs, sure to reach the top of the charts, Allah (PBUH) willing:

  • Man! May I Be Permitted to Feel Like a Woman?
  • Infidel of Mine
  • Forever and For Allah
  • What Made You Fatwa?
  • Allah’s Gonna Getcha for That
  • The Koran in Me (Needs the Man in You)
  • (If You’re Not in It for Love) I’m Stoning You!
  • You’re Still Imam
  • That Don’t Impress Allah
  • Thank You Allah! (For Makin’ Jihad Come So Soon)

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