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A new social networking website is gaining devoted followers and threatening to make Twitter a relic before most people even knew it existed. The new service, Huh?, takes the Twitter philosophy of “quick answers to the question what are you doing right now?” to a new extreme, by limiting users to a single gerund rather than the bulky 140-character limit of it’s rival. A recent sampling of posts include “eating”, “waiting”, and the intriguing “flummoxing”. “As long as it’s a verb form ending in -ing it’s all good,” says Huh? creator, CEO, CFO, CTO, MC, and VIP Henry Green in explaining the site’s philosophy.


Twitter Updates

  • Is Adam Sandler a secret Andy Kaufman acolyte? Is the fact that his Netflix special is unfunny what makes it funny? 6 days ago
  • “Do you want to see the Messiah?” “I think I’d like to.” “You can’t Handel the Messiah!!” 2 weeks ago
  • There’s never going to be an Ambush Bug movie is there? 2 weeks ago
  • Just remembered that Hamburger Helper and Rice-a-Roni exist 2 weeks ago
  • Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice... well, you’re a magician so it’s your job, isn’t it? Carry on. 2 weeks ago

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