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After months of writing and editing and rewriting, my first book is finally done, and available to purchase online!

What I (Don't) Know About Every Country in the World

What I (Don’t) Know About Every Country in the World

“There are 193 countries on Earth and Robert James Bell knows something about all of them. This brilliant, maddening, and all-too-often stupid exploration of the world’s nations artfully combines history, geography, sociology, and prevarication to provide insight into our global neighbours that is essential for travelers or anyone who wants to be a better person. Yes, you.”

“This is a very foolish book, apparently written by an idiot.” —Simon Winchester

“I couldn’t decide whether to put it in geography or humour, so in the end I just didn’t order it.” —Chief Buyer, Globo Books

“It brings the entire field of human knowledge into disrepute.” —National Geographic

“When in doubt, assume it’s a dick joke.” –the Author

Not your parents' courses...

Not your parents’ courses…

Metaphysical Geography

Disinformation Studies

Poli Pseudo Sci

Immaterial Engineering


Inhuman Biology


Industrious Relations

Who knew that atlases were so obscene?

1. Fucking, Austria

2. Come-by-Chance, Newfoundland

3. Conception Bay

4. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

5. Bangkok, Thailand

6. Pacific Rim

7. Dong-A University, Korea

8. Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

9. Little Beaver State Park, West Virginia

10. Grand Teton, Wyoming

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