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Note: this story first appeared in the journal Magpie in 2004.

purrfect-ass1Even superheroines, those paragons of unrealistic and unattainable bodies whose depictions in comic books have permanently skewed the expectations of generations of fanboys, aren’t immune to feelings of insecurity, with many of them too distracted to fight the criminals, evil geniuses, and superpowered thugs that plague our fair cities each and every day.  Worrying that their skintight leather, lycra, or nylon costumes are unflattering means that many of our most gorgeous heroines are opting for fatigues, capes, and even business suits to hide their justice-delivering figures.  When will this madness end?  Not soon enough for this reporter, who holds on to cherished memories of superheroines of ages past who thought nothing of fighting for The American Way in high heels, short skirts, and push-up bras.

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