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Fox logoBurbank, CA – Fox Broadcasting Company has announced plans for a brand-new reality-based television program to debut in the Summer 2009 replacement schedule that network spokespersons claim will “revolutionate” the entire entertainment industry.  Called So You Think You Can Write a Hit Television Sit-Com for Fox?, the show will tape for an unprecedented 20 consecutive nights in August, with the winning idea going into pre-production as a pilot immediately, and ready to be inserted into the Fall line-up shortly thereafter.  “We are very excited about this competition,” says producer Nate Martin.  “The chance to make one lucky contestant’s television dreams come true with a one-time payout of $100,000 and a waiving of all future rights and residuals in perpetuity is so exciting!  Plus, the clauses giving us 100% development rights for any and all ideas expressed or considered during the taping of the show whether actual or implied is just a win-win situation.”  The contestants, a mix of non-professionals, free-lancers, and staff writers on the verge of being fired, will be locked together in a writer’s “bullpen” for the duration of the 20-day shooting schedule, making the competition something like the popular Big Brother, with the difference being that none of the competitors will be eliminated, according to creator MaryAnne Schuerholtz.  “Instead of getting rid of contestants, we’re just going to keep them around to fetch coffee, donuts, or what have you.  We’ll probably also find other ways to humiliate them… maybe silly challenges involving eating gross stuff… ooh! I like that,” Schuerholtz mused as she jotted down ideas.  If successful, the concept could be exported to other corners of the network, with spinoffs like So You Think You Can Report on the Ongoing Genocide in Darfur? and So You Think You Can Turn Around Fox’s Bottom Line? already being considered.

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