Tender Loving Care? Apparently not for the scrub. And that's a shame.

Tender Loving Care? Apparently not for the scrub. And that’s a shame.

Do you have no concern for the plight of the modern disempowered man who dreams of what he wants but, due to the harsh economic climate, can never achieve it?

Will you refuse to offer him your love?

He is reduced to a passenger and sidekick to his friend, without a voice of his own, let alone a car.

The scrub admires you, but lacks the confidence and “game” to woo you properly. Your haughtiness and insistence on wealth and looks is the height of classism and vanity, and underlines the inequality inherent in the system.

He only wants to give you his number or, failing that, get yours. In this post-Marxist world, he lacks even labour capital; all he has is time, but you refuse to even give him that.

Having no car, the scrub also lives with his mama, but perhaps these are rational choices, based on a full cognizance of the vicissitudes of the modern world. The scrub, for all that he is lacking, may still have agency.

Have you looked at the world from his point of view? You seem uncertain whether he even has a shorty, but are quick to assume that he isn’t showing her love.

Your insistence on money shows pragmatic self-interest and a maturity of vision of a world that is too often nasty and brutish, but perhaps there is more to life than material comfort.

Perhaps the scrub has something else to offer. Something beyond your narrow field of vision.

Ladies, please reconsider the scrub, otherwise known as a buster.