Life used to be so much simpler: Work, School, Home, Church. These were the building blocks of American society.

But now our children question everything. The average person will have a dozen jobs in their lifetime. Even a college degree won’t guarantee a good living. Kids would rather play Grand Theft Auto and sext than sit down for a nice home-cooked meal. And church attendance is lower than ever.

That’s why the Church needs to fight back. If we don’t give our children a reason to go to Church we may lose them forever.

It’s why Our Lady of Third Pentecostal does things a little differently. Sure, we have sermons and hymns and prayers. We do weddings; we do funerals. We’re a full-service Christian institution in every way.

But we also understand the need to stand out from the crowd. We understand that kids are turning away from the Lord in droves. That’s why we put the “fun” in fundamental.

Here are a few of the things we offer:

  • Rock-climbing walls
  • PlayStation
  • Taylor Swift karaoke
  • Skateboarding
  • Naughty cosplay
  • Softball league
  • Scripture Jeopardy!
  • Rainbow parties

Now, if all this won’t bring your children to Church, then maybe the Church doesn’t want them. (Kidding! The Church wants all your children. Every last one of them.)