Lady GagaI freely admit that my exposure to Lady Gaga is almost wholly limited to three videos: “Just Dance”, “Poker Face” and “Paparazzi”, but based on that small exposure I have to ask, is Lady Gaga a robot?  Her dance moves are mechanical and almost inhuman.  Her eyes stare blankly and coldly out from beneath her precisely-manicured bangs.  Her poker face betrays no emotions and no, I can’t read it.  Her costumes are so reminiscent of mid-1980s Heavy Metal magazine covers of half-human/half-robot women that she must be paying Kevin Eastman royalties. Are the metal bustiers a costume over her flesh or is her flesh a costume she puts on over her metal skin?  Perhaps she’s a sophisticated sex robot sent from the future to pleasure us.  Maybe she’s a Terminator (T-800 model, I’d wager).  I just hope that she isn’t programmed to one day destroy us all–unless the method of destruction is danceable synth-pop.  It’s the way I’ve always wanted to go.