Dustin Hoffman: He asked me where he could find Scrabble dictionaries, and I told him

Renee Zellweger: We talked about Charles Bukowski

Eric Clapton: I held his credit card in my hand

Molly Shannon: She needed me to recommend a business book

David Rasche (TV’s Sledge Hammer!): He walked into the little, out-of-the-way bookstore where I worked, and I immediately knew who he was, but couldn’t remember his name until after he left

Margaret Atwood: While passing her a mound of books to sign one-by-one, I attempted small talk by repeating a story I’d been told about her meeting Rafael Nadal in Spain

David Suzuki: He pressured me to give a free copy of one of his books to Adam Van Koeverden (which I wouldn’t do)

John Ralston Saul: He wanted to know why we didn’t have copies of his book for him to sign