Michael CeraIn the tradition of recent celebrity meltdowns such as Christian Bale’s lambasting of a member of the Terminator: Salvation crew and Alec Baldwin’s leaked phone call to his daughter, word is spreading that Michael Cera, the Arrested Development and SuperBad star, lost his cool on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, filming in Toronto.  But whereas the tapes of Bale and Baldwin became fodder for late-night comedians as well as the mainstream media for months, Cera’s outburst has been universally described as “not a big deal” and “adorable”.  The targets of Cera’s rant included the crew (who he labeled as “f**king incompetents”), the director (a “no-talent pustule”), and even craft services (they “couldn’t poach an egg if their lives depended on it”).  In the tape, which goes on for over 20 minutes, Cera gets more and more agitated, and his bile even extends to the people of Toronto (who “have no idea of how lucky they are to have a star, which I am, in their shithole city”).  Meanwhile, the tape reveals that, rather than defending themselves, the film crew are laughing at the clearly-incensed actor.  “We all thought he was doing a bit,” reported one crew member, while others nodded in agreement.  “He’s just so cute and awkward… it never occurred to us that he was actually upset.”  Director Edgar Wright says “I thought it was something that he’d set up with the crew for the blooper roll on the DVD.  It was classic Cera and I, along with everyone else, thought it was hilarious!  Honestly, none of us thought he was even capable of getting angry.”  The incident that sparked the tirade isn’t clear, but is rumoured to be the state of the bathrooms at Lee’s Palace, a popular concert venue where part of the movie was filmed.