Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens, star of High School Musical, has recorded the best dance song ever, and on this opinion I will not be moved!  From the 2008 album Identified, “Sneakernight” is pure magic from start to finish, and leaves all of her challengers in the dance-pop milieu far behind. Britney, give up!  Lindsay, concentrate on what you’re best at: being confused about your sexuality!  Avril, just shut up!  Vanessa is officially on top, and she’s here to stay!  A no-holds-barred paean to fun, “Sneakernight” keeps it simple, explaining that basically what we’re gonna do is dance.  Have you eaten?  Do you have the energy?  Are you reloaded?  Are you able to stay on your feet?  Important questions all, because the last thing that Vanessa wants is for you to pass out after a couple of hours of this. “Sneakernight” asserts that it’ll come easy when you hear the beat, because all you gotta do is take a chance, and that is exactly the right attitude for any dance song to take.  And after all, what are we here to do?  Basically, dance. Vanessa knows the importance of comfortable footwear when the weather is nice and you want to take it outside–don’t worry about other plans!  The song is uncontrollable, unstoppable, addictive!  What are we gonna do when we hear this song?  Basically, dance.  Put your sneakers on!  Let’s go all night long!  Tee-hee!